Friday, 1 February 2013

Non-Native Treasure Trove - Teachers Pay Teachers - An Educational Printables Website Covering Many Languages

I've stumbled across another great website where educators upload fantastic printables that you can download for a small fee.

There are flashcards, educational games, themed learning activities such as the alphabet, colours and numbers and much much more.

The search engine isn't as user friendly as I would like....or perhaps I'm just useless :D

I have found, for example, that you can't just select either the French or the Ressources en Français option in the dropdown menu to reveal everything they have in those sections, you also have to take a stab at something you're interested in and type it into the search engine to see what it reveals e.g.  Alphabet . This makes me think I probably haven't seen half of what there is on offer yet.

That said, if you're looking for English language resources the whole thing seems far easier.

They also cover French, German, Hebrew, Russian, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Spanish and Portuguese with a catchall category for 'other (Foreign Languages)'. There is another really helpful option to select the age group you need, starting at Pre-K right through to Adult Education and there's a separate option for Homeschooling.

If you take a look, let me know what you think....especially if you find something useful as I may well not have seen it yet :D


  1. Thanks for the resource! I agree that at first glance, their search-engine seems a bit lacking. But I'm not great at Google, so that probably says more about me! Will have to spend some time looking for what they have for preschoolers.

  2. Finally had time to sit and browse! It's definitely a treasure trove of resources isn't it - will let you know if I come across anything good for our little ones age group, plenty for my big two though! Thanks for recommending! Emma :0)