Friday, 30 March 2012

Pinch Me

Oh my goodness.... pinch me, pinch me, pinch me!!!!!

We got some very exciting feedback from Poppette's nursery last night :-)

Poppette is in the process of moving up into the next group at her nursery. The transition takes a week or two as they 'ease' her in through short pre-visits so that she can get to know her new carers and her environment a little better before being fully immersed.

Yesterday, when Papa went to collect Poppette from her new group, her new key worker said that Poppette had been speaking French and that they had made notes of what she had been saying!!! Let me put this in context.... Poppette only speaks single words at the moment, we are not at the sentence building stage, and the only person she usually hears speaking French is me. So, for her to choose to use French words whilst running around at her English speaking nursery is super exciting for me. The fact that they noticed (rather than just dismissed the words as infant ramblings that they didn't understand) really impressed me and reinforced my view that we have picked a lovely nursery. I am also pleased that they took a note and can't wait to see what these words actually were.

It appears that there is already one little bilingual English/French girl in this new group and that the carers ears are tuned into the French as they have been looking after this other little girl (who is 6 months older than Poppette) for a while now.

I am grinning from ear to ear :-)

Thursday, 29 March 2012

La Passion du Papier.... My New Guilty Pleasure

As if I needed another excuse to spend money on building my bilingual resource mountain!!!

Just over a week or so ago, I stumbled upon La Passion du Papier and there's been no turning back. They stock bilingual books in several language pairs and also some great wall friezes.... I particularly like the weather frieze.

Originally, I had steered away from bilingual texts for reasons I can no longer recall. However, having received my first shipment, I can honestly say that it's a fantastic way to allow for both Maman and Papa to read comfortably to Poppette without the need for on the hoof translation one way or the other.

Now I'm just counting down the days until our weather wall frieze arrives. Poppette really seems to love learning about the weather and can already point out the sun and the snow so i'm looking forward to adding to this knowledge with such a beautifully illustrated tool.