Friday, 21 December 2012

The Things They Say......[ça ne] marche pas

Poppette (26 months) came out witrh a classic the other day ... she was happily drawing away with her coloured crayons when she picked up the white crayon and noticed that it didn't make a mark on her white paper. "Oh, [ça ne] marche pas" ([it] doesn't work) she declared. She thought the crayon was broken. I showed her that it worked on her black paper and she was happy.

The next morning she was, once again, busy drawing, this time on her black paper. She picked up her black crayon and tried to draw. "Oh, [ça ne] marche pas" she declared again.

Toooo cute :D


  1. LOL! This could turn into a colours learning game with lots of different coloured paper & crayons ;-)

  2. Very cute, indeed! It's so fun to see how their little brains work, huh?!