Thursday, 13 December 2012

Getting Crafty.....Mon Beau Sapin

Today Poppette (almost 26 months old) and I talked about shapes and colours whilst she decorated her very own Sapin de Noël [Christmas tree] (made with green paper and my trusty roll of contact paper).

She has known loads of shapes for months now in both of her langauges (including ones that I have often thought a little obscure such as zigzag, oval and heart) and her colours have really come on in the last week or two.

The highlight for me was when, totally unprompted, she picked up the large green star and announced "étoile sommet" [star top] and stretched up and stuck it on.


  1. Well done Popette!! A fantastically Christmassy tree!! And super French as well!! :o) We made Christmas trees as well today! I love Christmas crafts - wish we could start the theme in October!! Emma :o)

  2. Hi Emma...yes it's so much fun getting into the Christmas spirit now that Poppette is old enough. It really makes me feel like a big kid again and i love doing all these crafts. Planning something snowman related next and will be singing your snowman song too :D

  3. A gorgeous sapin for Xmas! And her French sounds as though it's really coming on, along with all her other skills :-)

    1. yey! Thanks for your support Tallulah...Poppette really is quite the chatterbox this days - its fabulous :D

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