Monday, 18 April 2011

My Imaginary Box

Some French friends invited us to go on a picnic on Sunday. It was Poppette's first ever picnic and our first for a long time. The outing had been set up by the local French meet-up group - "The Frogs". There were about fifteen of us in total sitting out in the sunshine, sharing stories and eating food. It was a great atmosphere.

A happy moment came during the picnic when one of the French women in the group asked me if I was French. She was surprised when I said no because she said that I don't have an English accent when I speak French. My initial  reaction when people say this to me is to feel as though they are trying to be nice to me but then Papa is always at pains to say that people wouldn't keep saying it if it weren't true and that I should take it as the compliment it is meant to be.

I know he is right. It's just crazy how it seems to be human nature to believe the negative stuff and question the compliments.

So, I will take the compliment and put it in my imaginary box marked "Reasons Poppette and I Continue to Speak French with Each Other".

I will have a rummage around in that box to see what else is hiding in there for a post sometime soon. . .. and I promise an update on 'Immersion Week' too.


  1. Youpie! That is high praise indeed from a native French speaker. (My accent and intonation always give me away as an anglophone.)

  2. Good for you!!! I know exactly what you mean, here, on all fronts, and am SO happy that you not only received the compliment, but that you are going to let it in. YAY.