Friday, 15 April 2011

Grumpy Old Goat

Poppette and I just bumped into my old French tutor. He was always a grumpy old so and so but, despite my better judgement, my eagerness to speak French whenever the opportunity presents itself got the better of me.

After the usual pleasantries and Monsieur Grumpy's offering of congratulations in respect of Poppette's arrival, I found myself telling him about our bilingual aspirations. Even as the words tripped off my tongue I felt myself wincing at my inability to keep my mouth shut.

Sure enough, instead of the kind words of encouragement I craved, I heard a firm "it's not all about the language you know, the culture is very important".

Bah humbug. So despite my recent resolution to stop explaining myself to people and just get on with living my life the way I choose, I found myself telling him of the ways we intend to promote Poppette's knowledge of French culture before we move to France.

The good thing to come out of this conversation is, however, that, rather than making me doubt myself, it has fired me up to carry on just to give him the proverbial poke in the eye!

1 comment:

  1. Rock on! Go to town with your proverbial poke, I love it. Whatever it takes, huh?
    I say, good on ya for opening your mouth. When we have it in us, I think it makes SUCH a difference to share our dreams of bilingualism with the world. Especially with those who need a bit of poking!
    Glad to see you're stickin' it out still...the move to France still looking good?