Sunday, 27 February 2011

L'araignée gypsie.... sing along

My mum came to visit shortly after my post on Incy Wincy Spider last week. Having been the one who had taught me all about Incy in my youth and helped it to become my favourite nursery rhyme, she was eager to learn the tune to the lyrics of l'araignee gypsie so that she could do the same for Poppette mais en français.

This post is for my mum and anyone else who found themselves wondering about the tune.

YouTube yet again came to the rescue. Click here to find a cute little snail singing the rhyme. You will find that if you search 'Les comptines de L'escargot' you will find the same little snail rehearsing several different french nursery rhymes.


  1. Such a cute snail, pity Nanny doesn't sing quite so well!!

  2. That snail is awesome, albeit a little creepy. =) You got me wondering, however...what kind of creepy and cute creatures exist in German on youtube?! might have to take a little virtual adventure...!!