Thursday, 22 May 2014

Creating Opportunities for your Child's Language Development

I read an interesting article recently on a website called Playing With Words 365 which focussed on creating opportunities for your child to speak.

The main message is that we should wait... have a little patience... and let our children speak.

It's true to say that as parents, we often anticipate so many of our children's needs with the result being that they don't need to finish a sentence to get their needs met.

Reading this article opened my eyes quite a bit to that.

The article gives some useful and very simple tips such as moving things your child likes or needs a little out of their way or "accidentally" forgetting to do something like put their toys in the bath or zip up their coat so that they have to ask.

Most of the suggested tips are geared towards the very young child just learning to speak but the concepts can be easily translated to preschoolers and above. Really, the idea is about maximising the opportunity, space and time for dialogue during day to day life.

It just strikes me as a really simple idea that could have great benefits.

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