Thursday, 25 October 2012

What Do You Love About Speaking Another Language?

If I were to ask any one of my language loving friends what they thought was the biggest benefit of speaking a second language, they would probably all give a different answer. There are sooooo many reasons to learn another language.......a lot of which can be very personal.

Ask me why I love to speak French and I would say...because to not speak French is to not be me. I am one of those people who's ears prick up at th sound of French ... who's heart accelerates when simply sitting in a little French café, soaking up the sights and sounds...for me, the French language transforms the mundane into the marvellous.

Kaplan International (who offer English language courses worldwide) have created this great infographic highlighting some of the benefits of language learning.

inspire language learning

What do you feel is the biggest benefit to you of speaking more than one language?


  1. To me, the biggest benefit of bilingualism is how it opens doors to new relationships. As someone who has lived all over the world, I am constantly surprised by the places I can use Spanish (my non-native language) to make new friends.

  2. Hi there and thanks for popping by here and taking the time to leave a comment. I've been over to your blog and am really impressed that you and your husband are both speaking different non-native languages to your son. Wow! That's so inspirational and it's wonderful to 'meet' someone else sharing a similar journey. I've added you to my blogroll so I can follow alomg....

  3. So fun to see this! I actually run a Spanish school for kids so we have a common interest in early childhood language learning!