Saturday, 7 May 2011

Le Langage Enfantin en Français

Since beginning to speak French with Poppette I have been making a huge effort to increase my knowledge of child orientated vocabulary. It's not always that easy to find. Mostly I pick it up from children's story books and by asking French friends.

Sometimes I just drop lucky when searching online. Today was one of those days. I found this page of words used by french children on

I have noticed that someone has created a Spanish guide (downloadable from the Internet) to children's language for English speakers wishing to teach Spanish to their children. If only someone would do the same in French. I would be first in the queue to buy it!


  1. Anonymous08 May, 2011

    Oh, I couldn't agree more! I always assumed I'd speak German with my child(ren) one day, but it never occurred to me how difficult that would be. I started learning German in high school, and in all my years of study, we never covered baby/child vocabulary! I'm constantly searching for words that I need to use with my son. I haven't found any guide for German like the ones you mention. I have started my own random list of words I'm learning on my blog. Maybe one day I'll create that guide myself!

  2. Kate

    I think it's a great idea to have a running list on your blog. You have inspired me to do something similar - hopefully that way we can save someone the time it takes to collect all this together.

    Another area I think takes some real effort is learning 'parentese' i.e. phrases like......'come and give me a cuddle' and 'oh look at your gorgeous little tummy' and all those other cute nothings we like to use with our babies.

  3. Oh how I wish you would have posted a link to the Spanish guide. My googling hasn't turned up anything. I've been working on a "mommy vocab list", but it's pretty short.